THE ARTS+ 2018 is opening its doors for the third time at the Frankfurter Buchmesse
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  THE ARTS+ 2018 programme is full of inspiring speakers and extraordinary performances.
Dear friends of THE ARTS+,
in less than four weeks we are opening THE ARTS+ 2018! We can't wait to welcome so many inspiring speakers, as you can see in our THE ARTS+ programme online. Join us and meet Galit Ariel, JiaJia Fei and Frank Thelen at THE ARTS+ Runway, experience the extraordinary performances of "Cyborg" Moon Ribas, the holographic singer Maya Kodes and 3D Drummer Girl LIZZY. And don’t miss our first "Frankfurt AI Conference", the Networking Day "A book is a film is a game", and this year's Innovation Summit…
Plus so much more!

See you at #theartsplus18!

Warm wishes
Katharina Ewald

The first Frankfurt
AI conference
Have you noticed the new format for #theartsplus18? We’ve included three very cool micro-conferences into the festival, plus the first Frankfurt AI conference where Head of THE ARTS+, Holger Volland, will discuss AI with fascinating speakers such as David Linderman, (IBM iX + Aperto), Jens Klingelhöfer (Bookwire) and Dr. Ahmed Elgammal, Professor of Computer Science.
Moon Ribas: Waiting
for earthquakes
Meet Moon, an avant-garde artist and cyborg activist from Spain who has an online seismic sensor implanted in her feet. It allows her to pick up vibrations from earthquakes occurring anywhere on the planet, in real time. In order to share her experience, she then translates her seismic sense on stage.
Meet Moon on Friday, October 12 2018 on THE ARTS+ Runway.
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Join us and discover tomorrow’s cultural heritage!
New technologies and digitalisation are blurring boundaries between humans and machines. They create a unique ecosystem where tech pioneers and fine artists have equal impact on an increasingly changing cultural order. Get exclusive insights into current projects and management processes, showcase how to adapt to complex technological requirements, and discuss with us how cultural spaces need to be reinvented in order to stay relevant in an age of big data, personalisation and experience-driven reality.
Goodbye comfort zone, hello future!
Frank Thelen, serial founder, technology investor and well-known juror on the tv show „Die Höhle der Löwen“ on VOX will give a inspiring keynote about abandoning the comfort zone and take the plunge.

His keynote „Goodbye comfort zone, hello future“ will take place on THE ARTS+ Runway in hall 4.1. on Friday, October 12 2018 at 2.15 pm.
The human drum machine
“People walked on the moon and they’re cloning sheep, so why can’t I dance while drumming?” Please meet LIZZY and her 3D Drum Dress! We´re really looking forward to a unique performance by this accomplished drummer girl, vocalist, and composer who has developed a new wearable instrument. See LIZZY on Thursday, October 11 on THE ARTS+ Runway in hall 4.1.
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